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We offer service of designing air conditioning plans, calculating the required capacities and distributing devices according to the standards specified by the manufacturers, which ensures optimal performance and maximum benefit from air conditioning systems.

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We have 15 years of experience in installing air conditioners in residential, commercial and industrial buildings according to specifications and plans approved by consultants and manufacturers of devices.

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Our company is characterized by high experience and ability to detect and repair all malfunctions of air conditioning systems, whereas we have got such experience and ability over period of 15 years, during which we implemented hundreds of successful maintenance projects for various types of split and central air conditioners and water-cooling systems (Schiller System)

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صيانة مكيفات في ابوظبي


Our teams provide both types of air conditioning cleaning services – Routine cleaning, which includes cleaning internal filters, washing outdoor units and checking efficiency of the devices – Deep cleaning, which includes washing indoor and outdoor units, cleaning control circuits, electricity and air conditioning vents, and making sure the equipment is efficient.

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In response to requirements of our customers regarding air conditioning of their own buildings, we offer consulting services in all stages of work before, during and after completion of air conditioning works, whether with regard to choosing the appropriate type of air conditioners, reviewing plans, recalculating capacities, or supervising installation works

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The company provides its services through:

1 – Annual contract system to save financial cost on the customer and release him from burden of periodic follow-up to provide maintenance for buildings, as the company will do everything necessary to maintain the equipment in excellent condition.

2 – On-demand system which provides the customer with professional technical support when needed all the time.

TAWAFQ Company guarantees for its customers:

– To get maintenance services by correct technical methods specified by manufacturers of air-conditioning devices
– To use spare parts compatible with manufacturer's instructions and from reliable sources to maintain the device in condition of the agency
– To innovate new methods and means to provide high quality services
– In event of any complaint, customer service team will follow up and ensure that solutions are provided to the fullest
– To communicate with agencies and suppliers to provide air-conditioners and spare parts if there is a valid warranty on the devices
– Integrated maintenance and follow-up services for building air conditioning systems (compressors – external and internal fans – water pumps – external gas and radiator circuits – heat exchanger – cooling water treatment – cleaning files and internal units – replacing internal and external insulators)